90s Bottomless Brunch

We invite you to join us for the ultimate 90s brunch, where we’ll play tunes from all of the decades, get you moving like never before, and offer unlimited beverages. Our humorous and snarky presenter will keep you entertained the entire time with fun 90s musical bingo, games, and challenges. We will create memories together.

Bottomless Prosecco and beer on the brunch menu

We are providing you with a salt vs. sweet menu that includes delectable sharing canapes.

Free Birthday tickets are available with group bookings.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR A BIRTHDAY/HEN/STAG PACKAGE TICKET: Package Includes: Free Celebrant Ticket, Celebration Cake, Birthday Brunch Presentation, and Discounted 10% Ticket Link for Family and Friends Minimum number of guests: 9. You will receive a full refund of £50 should you have at least nine guests or more who have purchased meal tickets attend your party. The free celebrant ticket will be sent via email once nine or more brunch tickets have been purchased.

Once you have purchased your deposit ticket, we will email you a unique ticket code for your friends and Family.

For more information, email

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